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Audio visual (AV) installations enhance work environments and home living. Whether it’s for optimising internal communications in an office or creating a more welcoming environment for guests at a house party, an AV installation does wonders for any kind of space.

At Rainbow Networks we provide both commercial and residential AV installations tailored to your specific needs.

Commercial Audio Visual Installations

From consumer-centric spaces to places of work and social gatherings, different businesses require different commercial AV installation setups.

Centrally Controlled, Zoned Audio Systems

It can be quite the hassle having to manually control multiple audio sources across rooms, with each one outputting their own sounds one by one. A centralised audio system lets you control such audio sources simultaneously from one location. Speakers are set to their specified location and are wired back to one audio system. You would be able to toggle power, change tracks, and either turn down or turn up the volume for each speaker all in one room.

Ceiling and Wall-Mounted Speakers

Speakers that are directly mounted to your business’ walls and ceilings provide many benefits. They free up space that can be used for a variety of purposes, whether it’s for customers, employees, products, or just negative space. You have more flexibility in positioning your AV system. Complete audio immersion through high-fidelity surround sound is also more easily accomplished with such equipment.

Outdoor Speakers

While it may be easier to balance your business’ budget by simply moving your indoor speakers outside when the occasion calls for it, this cost-cutting move can be ultimately detrimental. Outdoor speakers are designed to produce sound that can travel through large areas, even in the presence of obstacles that aren’t typically found indoors. Such speakers are also more durable, withstanding exterior environmental conditions and loud volumes that would wear down and blow out indoor speakers. Having dedicated outdoor speakers also saves you from the inconvenience of carrying speakers in and out every time.

Wall-Mounted Flat Screens

Conference rooms, retail outlets, and pubs can all stand to gain from having wall-mounted flat screens. They allow you to maximise space in your commercial facilities while providing focal points for engagement. You can more effectively broadcast your message to big audiences without cluttering an area with bulky monitors. Such digital displays can also be used to highlight certain products and services or serve as informative visual aids and navigational signs.

Interactive Whiteboards

Presentations, lectures, and meetings can be more dynamic with an interactive whiteboard. This smart device functions as both a traditional whiteboard for conveying information and as an interactive display for collaborative learning and brainstorming. There is the option to go for a standalone system on a chip (SOC) or a tablet synced to a smart projector. With touchscreen capabilities and built-in virtual tools, interactive whiteboards take teaching and strategic planning to the future.

LED Stage Lighting

Stage events for marketing campaigns should wow audiences, and your choice of stage lighting dramatically affects how people react to the show you put on. LED stage lights provide a virtually endless variety of colours with a relatively limited number of lights compared to traditional lighting setups. They are much more energy-efficient than floodlights that output similar levels of brightness. Connected to a modern control system, LED stage lights can be manipulated on the fly for a lively production.

Projectors and Projection Screens

For boardrooms, forums, conference centres, and function halls, even the biggest monitors and TVs are not going to cut it when trying to communicate visual information to large audiences. Projectors and projection screens are must-have pieces of AV technology for businesses and organisations that hold mass social gatherings. The images they display can be scaled accordingly, and the latest products don’t sacrifice resolution quality for size. Modern offerings are also versatile equipment that can be set up with just about any device to present slides, photos, and videos.

Businesses That Benefit from AV Installations

Whether it’s for entertaining customers, providing information to visitors, spotlighting deals and services, or improving employee satisfaction, AV installations are good for business.

Hospitality Industry

Atmosphere is everything for food and drink establishments. Cafe-goers look to relax or get a bit of work or studying done with warm lighting and chill music to complement their cup of tea or coffee. Football fanatics want to have a rousing, jolly good time at the sports bar watching their favourite clubs on sharp TV screens with crystal-clear audio. Bar owners need to be able to switch between exciting live shows and downtempo nights of drinking and chatting. The right AV installation makes all that possible for customers and convenient for business owners.

Hotels, conference centres, and event venues need the latest in audio-visual setups to host the biggest special occasions, fundraisers, concerts, talks, conventions and more. Staying competitive means being able to showcase spectacles that bring people together, which AV installations facilitate.

Retail Outlets and Department Stores

Attracting shoppers is hard to do when your store looks dark and dingy. Bright digital displays grab attention from passersby and make them want to enter your shop. With the right light fixtures and video ads playing on perfectly positioned monitors, you can direct customers to select products and promotions like discounts and giveaways. Couple your visual setup with a sound system playing music that fits your business’ branding and people will be in the mood for spending.

Recreational Facilities

Keep your customers on an adrenaline high by playing energetic music through a powerful sound system. Whether they’re sweating it out in the gym or having a friendly, competitive match on the court inside your sports centre, your AV system should be facilitating a passion for fun and fitness.

Offices and Factories

Promote cooperation in your workplace with meeting rooms and collaborative spaces equipped with the latest in AV technology that makes presentations, video conferences, and brainstorming sessions more interactive.

Schools and Churches

Enliven learning sessions in the classroom or at the congregation with arresting visual aids. Ensure lessons of science, mathematics, and literature, as well as that of faith and moral living are heard loud and clear through a reliable speaker setup.

Salons and Barbershops

Patrons want to be pampered and look good. Enhance their experience with a soothing ambience and flattering lighting set by a solid AV system.

Residential Audio Visual Installations

Residential AV setups transform home living into a life of luxury. Enjoy the finer things in life with the following AV installations we can do for you.

Home Entertainment Setup

Immerse yourself and your loved ones in an entertainment setup that recreates the blockbuster action and drama of a movie theatre, the livewire intensity of a sporting event, and the contagious energy of a live concert in the comfort of your own home. Feast your eyes on HD videos projected on screens carefully crafted with materials designed for optimal in-house lighting. Soak in the sounds with 3D audio from mounted and freestanding speakers expertly positioned to envelop you as you watch your favourite movies and shows.

WiFi Music Solutions

Have a soundtrack to your life at home with a wireless audio system. Customise playlists for each room to fit the mood you want those spaces to set, and automate the speakers to play whenever you enter the room and shut off whenever you leave. Access your own library of songs, albums, audiobooks, and podcasts, or connect to your music streaming service of choice. Manage your entire audio system on your mobile device with wireless centralised control.

Smart Home Installation

Move beyond just home entertainment and connect every device and appliance to the Internet for comprehensive control of your entire household. By transforming your home into a smart home, you can automate simple processes such as scheduling your favourite song to wake you up in the morning or for the lights to dim in specific rooms during special occasions.

System Design

Installing an AV system isn’t just a matter of having the latest and greatest monitors, speakers, and controls. There is careful planning that has to be made regarding the architecture of your home, the interior design, the acoustics, the natural lighting, and the wiring. We take all this into consideration alongside your preferences to customise the AV system to suit your specific needs.

Cable Tidying and Clean-up

As streamlined as modern AV systems have gotten, especially with wireless technology, they still require cable management. We’ll ensure that you don’t have to worry about tripping up on a wire or having to deal with unsightly and dangerous tangles.

Reinstallation for Renovations and Moves

AV home setups are complicated and require technical know-how to dismantle and reinstall. Whether you are getting parts of your house renovated or you are moving to a new home, we can do the heavy lifting for you.

Advice and Consultation

For any other concerns and questions, our AV installation experts will happily give you advice, from choosing the best equipment for your home entertainment system to making sure you don’t go over your budget.

AV Installation FAQs

  • The bigger the room, the more powerful the sound system must be for the sound to fill the space. Open spaces with high, arched ceilings and doorways are also not conducive to optimal sound production.

  • Depending on the scale of your preferred AV setup, there might be some light drilling that needs to be done with the walls.

  • Cables can be hidden behind walls and wired to dedicated rack rooms and utility rooms away from where everybody else can see them.

  • It’s hard to make equipment recommendations upfront without having the specific details of your home/business situation, the dimensions of the room where you want the AV system to be set up, and identifying potential compatibility issues with your current hardware. Schedule a consultation with our experts so we can talk about your AV installation needs.

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