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Rainbow are experienced wifi experts. We supply, configure & install wifi networks for businesses and homes. We offer fast, secure and reliable wifi solutions. Our wireless equipment suppliers include Level one, Cisco, D-link, Aruba, Ruckus, Unifi and many more.

We offer a range of different indoor and outdoor wireless solutions for: offices, shops, retail parks, cafes, restaurants, pubs, hotels, schools, colleges, warehouses & care homes; event wifi, temporary wifi & wifi rental; outdoor wifi including hotspots; point-to-point links; home wifi solutions.

Wireless networks are essential for most modern businesses, giving employees, customers and visitors access to fast, secure and reliable wifi. Our end-to-end wireless solutions offer comprehensive coverage and super-fast speed for all of your users, no matter how many people are connected.

Our corporate office wifi installations provide a secure network that allow you to provide seamless coverage throughout your offices allowing staff to use hot desks and workspaces, improving productivity and collaboration.

Rainbow Networks also offer public wifi solutions for leisure, retail and entertainment businesses to improve customer experience and help them spend more time at your business. We can ensure that you have the right content filtering and data protection systems in place to protect your customers.

Once a survey has been carried and we have confirmation of the best locations we will issue a full written documentation including reasons why the signal will be best generated in these areas.

We take care of everything for you, from the wifi survey to ensure you have the best coverage through to installation and management. We can also install systems that give you insights into staff and customer usage so that you can optimise your network and keep everyone safe.

Home Wi-Fi

Having issues with your home WI-FI?

Is your WI-FI signal not reaching all the areas it needs to reach?

Are you struggling to stream your favourite TV shows in the house?

Then why not arrange a FREE survey with one of our Rainbow WI-FI consultants today and find out how we can rid your property of bad signals and continued buffering.

Find out about our monthly support options by getting in touch today.

Benefits of Rainbow Networks WiFi Solutions

Wifi installations from Rainbow Networks give employees, customers and guests unlimited access to an ultra-fast internet connection. Allow users to roam and connect multiple devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Our powerful cost-effective wireless solutions make it easy to access emails, download large files, use video conferencing, manage your business with cloud-based applications and communicate with cloud telephones.

With a fast, efficient wireless network it is possible to connect more and more internet-enabled devices including IP CCTV systems, building management and alarm systems.

Business Wi-Fi Support FAQs

  • Choosing the right WiFi provider for your business relies on what your business needs. If your daily operations require your staff to be online, look for an internet service provider (ISP) that can deliver high bandwidth, fast speeds, and a reliable connection.

    Your chosen ISP should have a Service Level Agreement (SLA), a contract that clearly states how reliable their service is. This goes hand-in-hand with the quality of customer service they provide. If you have problems with your internet that disrupt operations, you should be able to communicate with your ISP ASAP.

    You also should consider if you let customers connect to your WiFi, as their experience with your internet factors into their reception of your business. Security is another critical concern when you allow non-staff members to log in.

  • Create and implement a strict IT security policy with the help of your IT department. It should cover everything from levels of access to certain files to password best practices to what devices staff can use to connect to your business WiFi.

    Update your router. This includes changing the default login details that come with the hardware, disabling remote access, turning on its firewall, and downloading the latest firmware.

    Physically secure your router as well. It’s not just digital attacks you have to worry about. Make sure your router is placed somewhere that isn’t easily accessible for anyone to just tamper with it.

  • If you have a large workplace, do not settle for consumer-grade routers. Such routers might be good for home use, but they are limited when it comes to area coverage and the number of connections they can handle.

    Router placement is key to maximising area coverage, taking into account your office layout and the material of your furniture.

    You can install wireless extenders or mesh networks to improve the range of your WiFi, but internet performance is typically worse for devices connecting further away from the main router.

  • The size and daily tasks of your business mainly determine what internet speed you need:

    • A handful of employees that only does basic online tasks like email and research can do with download speeds of 5 to 25Mbps.
    • A staff that is slightly bigger and also needs to do video streaming, file sharing, video conferencing, and other tasks that involve cloud computing should have around 75 to 150Mbps.
    • Bigger companies need to look into ISPs that provide speeds from 250Mbps to 1Gbps to ensure seamless operations.

    Do note these are just guidelines. Your company may have specific needs that you also need to consider.

  • Quality WiFi in the office allows employees to complete small tasks even when they are not in their workstations. They can compose and answer emails, share documents, and access important data on their mobile devices. As long as you have a proper BYOD (bring your own device) policy, you can enjoy increased productivity with WiFi in your workplace.

  • Do the following steps:

    • Log into your router as an administrator.
    • Turn on your guest or public WiFi option.
    • Label the SSID of your public WiFi properly so it’s not the same as your work network.
    • You can broadcast your public network so customers can easily connect to it. You can also keep it hidden and provide the login details to customers to prevent just anyone near your business premises from connecting.
    • Set a secure password.
  • Your business’ private network is where all internal online office activity is handled. You do not want anyone that isn’t part of your company to potentially gain access to sensitive information within that private network. If you keep the same configurations for your public and private networks, you are leaving your business vulnerable to cyberattacks.

    While not as crucial an issue as cybersecurity, you can also run into the problem of customers eating up precious bandwidth when they are logging into the same network as your employees.

  • Employees can get more done with their time in the office when they can access work files and do business correspondence outside their desktop computers.

    Business WiFi encourages collaboration, as workers can meet anywhere in the office to accomplish group projects.

    A wireless connection makes it much easier for setting up your company’s internet in spaces that can be difficult to plan a wired network.

    Public WiFi is a value-add for customers visiting your place of business, especially if you’re in the service industry.

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Customer Experience

We believe in an honest & efficient approach. We only seek out the best in engineer resource and will always give you the correct skill set on all engineers.


CWU Bristol

We had two jobs completed by Rainbow networks, one to extend the Wifi network throughout the whole building and another to extend some telephone lines. Both were carried out professionally, tidily and with good communication. After the wi-fi job we even found that they had tidied one of the rooms they had been working in so that it was in a better state than we had left it! We will use them again and I would recommend them to others.


Home Owner

We were using Apple Dock Wifi system in our 5 bedroom house but we weren’t getting great coverage so Rainbow came in and did a free survey, suggested Unifi Wi-Fi access points in several locations of the house and within a day we had great speed and coverage throughout.

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