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Security IP cameras are a highly effective method against theft and vandalism and general staff negligence. As well as giving you peace of mind that you are protected all day long, the extra security can lead to a reduction in your insurance premiums.

These days the most common way of surveillance is IP Cameras. Rainbow can install the most up to date and Integral solutions for all your surveillance needs. Whether you are looking to put surveillance inside or outside of your business building we can make it so you are secure 24-7.

We offer numerous solutions in this market including a customer favourite IP surveillance from a tablet or mobile. With this service you can follow the cameras wherever you are in the world.

Benefits of IP CCTV Installation

Our CCTV installation service allows you to remotely view your CCTV from your smartphone device using a networked IP CCTV system. Using network streaming you can see live footage of your premise giving you peace of mind and security with a 24/7 alarm and monitoring system.

We offer advanced security systems professionally installed by experienced CCTV engineers who will design, plan and install your IP security system. As well as the supply, set up and configuration of CCTV cameras we also provide repairs and maintenance services.

Using wireless CCTV we offer a seamless installation for businesses, commercial premises and homeowners. Proving 24/7 remote access CCTV with the ability to view footage on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

IP CCTV systems are completely flexible and scalable allowing you to add new security devices over time as your needs change. Helping to reduce theft and deter anti-social behaviour – burglars, vandals and other criminals are less likely to intrude if you have CCTV cameras trained on your property.

A well maintained, reliable IP security system has been shown to be one of the most cost effective ways of reducing criminal behaviour at residential properties and business premises. For shop owners CCTV is an excellent deterrent against shoplifters.

Police Forces and Local Authorities cite CCTV as a major way of preventing intruders and stopping vandalism. Over the last 5 years Bristol City Council have implemented a CCTV installation programme as a way of combating property related crimes.

Police are keen to encourage business owners and homeowners to install CCTV cameras outside on their premises to help them solve crimes. A high quality CCTV system installed at eye-level will help identify criminals using facial recognition.

Advanced IP Security Camera Features

  • HD resolution cameras capture video in a clearer format allowing the viewer to easily identify people using facial recognition and read vehicle number plates.
  • Detect night time intruders using trigger alarms, recording events with night vision enabled cameras.
  • Power over ethernet (PoE) gives you the flexibility to install cameras independent of power sockets.
  • Tamper detection enabled cameras alert you to when cameras have been damaged or had the view obscured.

CCTV Installation FAQs

  • There are millions of CCTV cameras all over the UK, and most of these come from businesses looking to safeguard their facilities as well as homeowners who want to keep their property protected at all times. If security is important for you, then a CCTV system is already an essential.

    A CCTV system can provide coverage both indoors and outdoors, deterring criminals, preventing theft, and giving you peace of mind even when you’re away. For business owners, CCTV systems encourage employees to be honest and accountable. CCTVs can also come with added features like trigger alarms for night intruders and facial recognition while remaining cost-efficient and low-maintenance.

  • There are generally two types of CCTV cameras: analogue cameras and IP cameras. Although analogue cameras were the first to be released, their performance is much lower than IP cameras, and you’ll need more cables because it connects VCRs to DVRs. On the other hand, IP cameras are the more modern option, sending data over computer networks and excelling in terms of network intelligence, quality, and performance.

    When selecting cameras, another consideration would be their memory data storage as well as their lens size in terms of the space that they’ll be overlooking. The larger the lens size, the more area the camera can cover. You can discuss your preferences with our CCTV experts at Rainbow Networks.

  • PoE is a useful networking configuration where the same cables that transport data can also deliver electricity. A CCTV system relies on both, and PoE simplifies the setup, reducing the number of cables. It can power devices as far as 100 meters away from the switch. Because of its portability, PoE is already compatible with several CCTV cameras, IP phones, biometric access panels, and other high-end equipment. It makes installing easier and much more convenient, and you won’t need to have electric outlets near each device.

  • For IP CCTV security cameras to work well, you will need a stable internet connection with adequate upload and download speed. How much internet speed you need depends on the number of cameras involved, the resolution and FPS (frames per second) of the cameras, and the compression codec, usually H.264 or MJPEG. As a general rule, aim for at least 2.5 mbps upload and download speed per IP camera. This means that for one camera, you might be able to work with 2.5 mbps, while five cameras would require a minimum of 12.5 mbps. Although this can vary, depending on the exact cameras used, the load is usually manageable for your regular home or building’s internet.

  • You can view live and recorded video from your CCTV camera remotely on any device that can go online, including your phone, tablet, or PC. This is doable by configuring your device to connect to the IP camera’s address, as assisted by an expert from Rainbow Networks. Afterwards, you will have 24/7 access to the camera from anywhere. You can also connect to multiple cameras, and the footage can be made accessible for multiple users or devices.

  • One of the most useful added features in a CCTV camera is video motion detection. This allows the CCTV camera to notice unusual motion, potentially triggering an alarm based on your settings. It’s normal for changes to happen in the area throughout the day, such as leaves blowing onto the yard or employees entering during work hours, but the CCTV camera only produces alerts when the motion is suspicious. Because it operates based on an algorithm that analyses the differences in pixels from scene to scene, you can receive notifications if activity happens in restricted areas or someone approaches your home’s entrance at night, for example.

  • Infrared CCTV cameras have several infrared LEDs built around the edges of their camera lens, and their main function is being capable of taking accurate footage even when there’s little or no light at all. Rather than being dependent on regular light, infrared CCTV cameras detect infrared light, which emanates as a heat signature that’s present in all objects and living things. We can’t see this with human sight, but infrared CCTV cameras can convert this into black-and-white images, allowing for surveillance in warehouses, garages, and other places even in total darkness.

  • CCTV systems can work on Category 5, 5e and Cat 6 cables. All of these consist of four twisted pairs of wires running throughout the cable. The major difference is that Cat5 is rated for a top speed of 100 mbps, while Cat 5e has a higher top speed at 350 mbps and Cat 6 is at 1000 mbps. For CCTV systems, you’re unlikely to ever go beyond 100 mbps, so Cat 5 will work fine. Aside from the usual video and audio, Cat 5 can also work with PoE to transport electricity.

  • Wireless CCTV cameras are another great option if you want to see the footage directly on versatile devices such as your phone. Instead of being connected to a viewing device via cables, wireless CCTV cameras can upload footage right away to the cloud so you can look at it from anywhere as long as your device is connected to the internet. Because you won’t have to handle several cables, installation is easier and the setup is smaller. However, fast, reliable internet is necessary, and the camera will be affected by power outages.

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Customer Experience

We have installed security solutions to customers all over the UK.

With our Hikvision 360 camera solutions we can protect your business and home from theft & vandilsm.

Hostel in Bristol

Accommodation Manager

Rainbow installed 3 internal full spin cameras in our hostel building a year ago. They installed the cabling, the NVR, monitoring software and the cameras as well. It was a full installation at a very competitive cost and I was very pleased with the standard and the knowledge their installers had whilst they were on site.

High Littleton

Home Owner

We needed our home to be a bit more secure after we moved out to the countryside. We had a visit from Ryan where he explained the several options we could go with and finally we picked a wireless camera solution with a monitoring channel on the TV in the kitchen. We can record throughout the day too. It really is a perfect solution for home owners and I couldn’t be more pleased with the service.

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